[Dev] Canceling of Parabola ARM

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Aug 23 18:53:32 GMT 2015

> The two test boards provided were Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi. If
> someone is willing to donate a board which is capable of booting without
> blobs this project could be re-launched. I backed my work (e.g.
> mplayer-libre), prior to the git removal.

I could check if my BeagleBone Black works without that firmware.  (My
Cubieboard works fulltime as a personal server.)

> If you are willing to donate the All Winner, it may be worth testing.

I won't donate unless we implement the Harvey Birdman Rule [0] with the
specific addition that the communication on IRC or not in English is
"private communications" for the purpose of section 3.

[0] https://github.com/copyleft-next/copyleft-next/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

> Make backups of the current SDCard.

SD cards are cheaper than the flash inside.  Have backups since they
will break regardless of any use.

> I do not have the full list of blobs, Emulatorman mentioned several in
> the IRC which were required for the two previous boards to operate.

This should be on the list.
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