[Dev] Iceweasel location provider

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Aug 13 16:50:57 GMT 2015

> Yes, ideally it would be turned off for maximum privacy, but since
> that would imply loss of functionality,

But it's already optional and users have to agree to use it?

> moving from Google to Mozilla
> would be a harmless transition.

They have different location data, so users will get different
results.  (I don't know if better or worse.)

> Google is knowingly a part of PRISM,
> while Mozilla, a nonprofit, has repeatedly made a point on protecting
> user privacy.

There is also Mozilla, the for-profit company.  (I don't read here much
about them other than supporting nonfree software and DRM.)

If we decide to choose it, we need to get an API key for Parabola.
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