[Dev] a new idea for parabola grapichal ISO

Dika Setya Prayogi dikasetyaprayogi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 03:29:45 GMT 2015

 parabola graphical ISO have a slight preconfigured system,a decent
GUI,well autoinstalation script,some regular applications,etc... it's
already not well macth with archway nor KISS principle but a bit
toward more GUI thing's. meanwhile there are some separated parabola
rebranded package like parabola-gnome,paraboley,etc including some
costum libre packages. what I want to tell it's why dont combine them
all and change it's orientation to make an GUI'ed parabola or user
friendly version of parabola as an more version alternative other than
parabola ISO that designed to use for advanced user.

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