[Dev] [ARM] Parabola ARM Port progress

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Aug 1 07:38:20 GMT 2015

> * Gaming4JC said there are a lot of different packages to take from Arch
> ARM [1]. e.g. arm5, armv6, armv7 and armv8 are all different. If the
> packages will be a lot we should have separate mirrors, but it will also
> would need more space for it.

But all your devices are armv7?

> * We would rsync pull from Arch ARM, but Gaming4JC confirmed on their
> IRC that they do not allow rsync pulls. Critically, a mirror must to
> able to be set up to receive rsync pushes from a server. e.g. a server
> created by us. This can happen via rsyncd or over ssh. It do not make
> use of rsync pull for mirroring. They allow mirroring under invite only
> and custom rsyncd.conf and they push to mirrors. It was confirmed at
> #archlinux-arm by a developer WarheadsSE. So for this work, we need
> become a mirror and then fork their packages.

Don't, just use their PKGBUILDs as a git remote.  Build all packages
From source.

> * Icarious proposed fetch entire PKGBUILD and packages using a build
> server as alternative way.


What fast devices do you have?
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