[Dev] [Assist] Fwd: Re: Xorg Problem with Radeon

The Mighty Gravi themightygravi at inventati.org
Sat Sep 13 07:20:07 GMT 2014

>Right. One search at google does tell lot of people facing issues with
>Nouveau . Though most people do not get such issues.  It will be woise
>te search for a ocmpatibility before buying one.

Definetely I agree with Emulatorman about the wisest solution for
Jorginho issue, buying an Nvidia is probably the best solution.

I get shocked about "people facing issues" with Nouveau, since I replaced
my ATI by a GT card and the real issue was trying to control emotion
about the good and consistent performance it was delivering.

Both 2D, 3D and vaapi/vdpau video hw acceleration is notable.
Only an Intel GPU can beat the performance, but you know, there's no
such thing as Intel PCI cards, all of them are embedded in chipsets.

So I would say Jorginho to consult FeatureMatrix and decide which is the
more aprorpiate for him:


"Junta unos ahorrillos para pillarte unade estas. 
Por menos de 50€ yo me hice con la GT630 en una conocida 
empresa online donde explotan a nuestros camaradas... :P"

In this case, note that KMS will be mandatory for a proper videocard
initialization and X booting. And fuck, announce when you're done
serving a 0ad match or whatever! haha

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