[Dev] [Assist] Fwd: Re: Xorg Problem with Radeon

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Sep 12 15:07:09 GMT 2014

> Jorginho is using Late start mode [0]. KMS is enabled by default for
> autodetected AMD/ATI cards.[1]

It's what users normally use.  Something else disables KMS (dmesg might

>> X uses the vesa driver which chooses 1024x768.  It's not a
>> solution for users of wide LCD screens.
> I think he should test with a LCD resolution to check it. In this
> case, if he's using vesa, it shouldn't works. Otherwise he told to me
> that he is using a custom config file of xorg to use radeon driver,
> but i think he should send to us the xorg config and log files to
> confirm if he is using radeon driver instead of vesa

His log confirms that he's using vesa.  I haven't approved the message
containing the log for the list, since it's big, while it can be resent
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