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Tue Oct 28 09:52:07 GMT 2014

Iceweasel 33 on Parabola is vulnerable.  So yes, the Chinese can attack
Parabola users.  But then, Verisign is also there, so the USAmericans
can as well.  Should we get rid of TLS already? <g>


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a trusted root CA
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I'm Percy from GreatFire.org; the author of the report of the iCloud
MITM in China
week. The attacks used self-signed certificate. But I believe that
targeted attacks using CNNIC CA is very possible if not happened already.Â

Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu and Firefox trust CNNIC(China Internet Network
Information Center) as root CA. CNNIC has implemented (and tried to
mask) internet censorship, produced malware and has very bad security
practices. Tech-savvy users in China have been protesting the inclusion
of CNNIC as a trusted certificate authority for years.Â

You can go
to see more details and test whether you're vulnerable. We also present
method to revoke all dubious Chinese CA.Â

Percy Alpha(PGP <https://en.greatfire.org/contact#alt>)
GreatFire.org Team

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