[Dev] New RC ISO avaible through torrent

The Mighty Gravi themightygravi at inventati.org
Tue Oct 7 11:15:59 GMT 2014

Name: parabola-2014.10.07-dual.iso
Size: 560988160 (~536M)
md5: a2b19cc3a8903cf46eb54c5635ae8842
includes: iso, crc32 (sfv), gpg detached sign

----------------> COPY
<---------------- PASTE on your client

Fetch my public key:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys B6BE8B16

It is meant to survive a couple of days while the admins upload it at the official repositories.

The Mighty Gravi <themightygravi at inventati.org>

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