[Dev] Cleaning up the repos

laigualdad laigualdad at riseup.net
Sat Nov 29 01:07:44 GMT 2014

The main repo is repo.parabola.nu, right? I presume that is the one that the others sync with.

There is a directory called "latest" which contains the image from last year. :) It looks like potential confusion could be prevented by simply deleting it, since the "2013.09.01" directory is identical. 

The other repos that are not identical simply seem to have not synced in a while, but I know that's typical in a small distro.

In the most recent directory, "2014.10.07", an .sfv (Simple verification) file is provided rather than a checksum file. Scratching my head at this. Before now, I'd never even heard of SFV. A quick search gives me many sources saying that SFV cannot be used to verify a file's authenticity. Even MD5 hashes are better. However, these days, we shouldn't use anything less than SHA-2 hashes (sha256sum, for example), because everything weaker has been broken!

I mounted the iso and examined the files in the Oct 2014 image. Underwhelmingly, only md5 checksum files are included. 

My request is that, for the quickest solution, a sha256sums file be included in the repos as it was in previous images. I need to download the image to start fresh after I fubar'd something in my previous install during migration to Parabola, but I won't feel safe to install again until that happens. (A sha512sum output file in the iso itself would be cool, but it is not an absolute necessity.)

That's all, then. Cheers!

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