[Dev] libretools 20140511 release anouncement

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Mon May 12 16:10:10 GMT 2014

El dom, 11-05-2014 a las 23:52 -0400, Luke Shumaker escribió:

> I just pushed libretools 20140511 to [libre].  It is mostly a bugfix release.
> Changes:
>   * The libremessages' abort() and die() routines now exit with a status
>     of 255; this affects checkpkg, find-libdeps, and find-libprovides.
>   * librefetch's debugging flags changed. `-P/--print` became
>     `-S/--srcbuild`, and it gained `-M/--makepkg`.
>   * The mtime of a chroot copy is now updated when syncing from the
>     root copy.
>   * Extra output from systemd-nspawn is now hidden in librechroot and
>     libremakepkg.  This should mean more readable output.
> Bug fixes:
>   * The order of files in a librefetch-produced tarball are now
>     sorted; the tarballs should now be deterministic.
>   * An error in code for creating chroots was fixed.
>   * Chroots may now be configured for what architecture they 'setarch'
>     to; they should now work correctly on mips64el.
>   * There was a bug causing shared locks to be non-recursive.
> Other:
>   * Some files were re-licensed between versions of the GPL.
>   * Locking should now be faster, though most users won't even notice.
> Also, I've been working to get many of the patches to code from
> devtools merged upstream.  So that's exciting.
> Happy hacking,
> ~ Luke Shumaker
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Thanks, Lukeshu! I should try now creating a i686 chroot though...
Pax et bonum.
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