[Dev] [important] nasty bug fixed on db-sync

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Mar 12 14:16:42 GMT 2014

From time to time we've seen unfree packages pop on repos with no
explanation.  this wasn't a problem for users because they never were
announced on repo databases and the problem would go away with a new

yesterday it was so that the sync was downloading more than 20GB of
unfree packages, filling up our storage space.

db-sync is our filter and sync script to pull packages from an arch
mirror.  it hasn't changed much since i wrote it on 2011 so wtf was it
failing now?

so the problem was that the testing repos sometimes are empty and when
db-sync tries to create a whitelist to pass to rsync, it ended up adding
a single "*" on it, thus telling rsync to fetch anything from the arch
mirror.  this can be tested by inspecting the /tmp/any.whitelist that's
the general whitelist.

i've patched db-sync and the problem seems fixed.  the bug was just
sitting there for three years!!


happy hacking!

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