[Dev] 99% libre meme

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sat Mar 1 19:36:22 GMT 2014

hi!  there's a widely used meme here in argentina that says "it's ok to
install and recommend convenience-focused distros because they're 99%
libre", followed by "...since we can't get rid of that 1% just yet".

since i've recently read it went up to 99.98% i decided to check how
much this "proportion of unfreedomness" is.

we discussed this on #parabola and for archlinux the proportion never
went more than 97%, for instance:

* 5714 packages from arch provided by parabola
* 564 packages from arch being blacklisted from parabola

From the latter:

* 201 packages without libre replacements
* 33 packages removed or replaced because of branding issues
* 52 packages removed or replaced because they recommend unfree software
  or services


* 479 packages blacklisted for being unfree themselves (not branding nor


479 * 100 / (479 + 5714) = 7.72

so according to this meme the correct thing to say about archlinux is
that "it's 92.28% libre" :)

would it be interesting for other distros to debunk this meme?

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