[Dev] New libretools v20140630 on [libre-testing]

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 30 03:16:47 GMT 2014

I just pushed libretools v20140630 to [libre-testing].  It's hopefully
a minor release for users, but it is reasonably large release from an
architecture standpoint, which is why it is on -testing.

The big exciting architecture changes are the introduction of "XBS" or
"$X Build System".  The idea is to abstract away the differences
between ABS, ABSLibre, and the much-talked-about-but-never-released
PBS.  The long-term goal is that it will make it possible to flip a
switch, and turn PBS on.  However, the short term benefits are great
too; it helps address deficiencies in ABSLibre[1], and it will make it
much easier to pull changes and fixes from Arch's dbscripts.

Changes since v20140515:
 * New package: xbs
 * New tool: libredbdiff: For comparing Arch DBs to Parabola DBs
 * New tool: librexgettext: Generates .pot files for librelib-users
 * librestage:
   - Refuses to stage a package if there are uncommited changes in its
   - Also stages the PKGBUILD in xbs.  This is currently ignored on
     the server-side; but that will hopefully change soon.
 * libreblacklist:
   - Supports comments in blacklist.txt; lines beginning with '#' are
 * default libretools.conf:
   - Comment: Document that REPOS is no longer used by createworkdir
   - Default: Use the non-symlink/shorthand path to the git repos in
   - New variable: ABSLIBREDEST: used by xbs-abslibre to stage

Bugfixes since v20140515:
 * createworkdir:
   - No longer requires REPOS to be set in libretools.conf
   - No longer produces color escape sequences in the output if stdout
     is not a terminal.
 * librerelease:
   - Potential lockfile invalidation related to filedescriptor numbers
     was fixed.
 * librestage:
   - Fixed typo in an error message
   - Potential lockfile invalidation related to filedescriptor numbers
     was fixed.
 * librechroot:
   - Correctly escapes temp file names in all cases.
 * libremakepkg:
   - Does not mangle the output when wrapping lines
 * fullpkg:
   - Runs correctly.  I take it that since no one reported that it
     didn't run, no one was using it.  It may be removed.
 * gitget:
   - Correctly handles doing a checkout when the ref is a tag.
 * libregit:
   - Runs correctly.  Since it is provided for compatibility for some
     scripts that use it, I'm not too surprised that no one reported
     this; they're mostly server tools.
 * conf.sh:
   - Learned about xbs* slugs.
   - Fixed grammar mistake in the man page.
 * libremessages:
   - Fixed grammar mistake in the man page.
 * librefetch:
   - Man page was cleaned up.

Minor changes since v20140515:
 * createworkdir:
   - (internal) Uses xbs.
 * librestage:
   - (internal) Now takes advantage of new-ish functions in
 * librelib:
   - Is now GPLv2+ instead of GPLv3+

Regressions since v20140515:
 * librechroot:
   - Due to a regression in systemd-nspawn since v20140515 was
     released, exit codes are no longer correct; any non-zero value
     becomes a 1.  I have submitted a fix upstream, and it looks like
     it will be accepted.  Hopefully systemd v215 will be released

[1]: I know I like to complain, but there really are problems with
     ABSLibre.  Because it doesn't track different architectures,
     db-move is broken; fixing db-move has at the top of the bug
     trackers and todo lists since before I was ever involved in
     Parabola 3 years ago!  XBS introduces a simple mechanism for
     tracking this.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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