[Dev] Anyone who would like to maintain the mips64el port?

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Jun 20 08:50:41 GMT 2014

> the mips64el ports or parabola gnu linux was not updated from
> 2014-03-06,who would like to maintain it ?

We have no interested developers.  I'm not able to fix important bugs
that prevented the mips64el port from being usable for me and I don't
have much time for a project with no hope of success, other developers
have no hardware (a problem mostly for using, not for development) or
left Parabola for their own reasons.

It's now easier to get an FSF-endorseable Thinkpad X60 which is much
faster and well-supported than a YeeLoong.

Using a Debian-based distro is easier too, since they already have
working MIPS-specific code (some is used also on Android tablets),
already keep up to date and buildable software and have packages that we
haven't ever ported (like GHC or OpenJDK).

Can you maintain the port?  This needs building many packages, fixing
them to build (they probably fail on x86 too), porting Web browsers and
making release media.
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