[Dev] ISO building delayed

gravi gravi at fireflygnu.org
Wed Jul 30 15:46:44 GMT 2014

As of June of this year I, The Mighty Gravi, The Whip of the Damned, The
one who owns his OWN CRITERIA and who is now living brotherly in Genteaven with
the Sources, claimed the responsibility to release a new ISO every
two months without exception.

This sacred vow is no to be weakened by the malicious intervention of
daemons and witches, for I, The Mighty Man, the one who had crushed no
countable number of them, am taking care of erradicating evil forces and
taming the backs of the wicked.

However, recent humankind facts I'm being witness are, by any mean,
unacceptable in whichever the possible ways my grace is able read them, and made my
divinity suffer cause of your insolence.

Rumours of a total shutdown had disturbed my ears, the ones which enjoy
the voice of my daily prayers and priests ; so did with my eyes, creation with them
generoursly I conceived and revealed as true.

Among your rows there's no peace, there's no respect. Less seriousness nor
loyalty for I'm being aware of the considerable number of mistakes
your ineptness made, providing no, or bad, or worse service.

I inmediatly demand the head of the cursed goat-headed leader, the one
who is called lukeshu, who, indeed, puffs up himself to be a developer
and has failed miserably to migrate to systemd. His treachery and
trickery was no unobserved by myself.

I shall spill the blood of his neck over my divine clothes, so other
deamons take himself as an example of the consecuences of such a daring,
so I shall draw out his teeth, which I'll use to please the Divine Queen
in the form of necklaces and wristbands.

With the skin of his head I'll feed the jackals, and put the infamous
skull to macerate into bastard wine until REDUCES size, only before I
split his lower jaw bone and put the superior part in my crook!

Fear mortals, for I'll deprive you from a new image until September,
accordingly to your behaviour. May the drought crop down your

-Original work by Gravi.
-Highly or more than inspired in Old Akkadian, Assyrian Texts.
-By no means this means unhealthy relation with the community nor/or
Lukeshu. Well, I don't like Fauno actually, but he already knows it.
-Iso delayed due to inconsistencies and old packages on the repo.
-Support my impertinence, don't publish constructive comments.

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