[Dev] New libretools v20140726 on [libre-testing]

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 27 19:48:33 GMT 2014

Last night, I pushed libretools v20140726 to [libre-testing].
It follows the stable release v20140515, and the previous testing
releases v20140630.

There are a couple of user-facing "disruptive" changes in librestage
that I hope you guys won't be too hostile to:

Disruptive/breaking changes since v20140515:
 * librestage: 
   - Will now REFUSE to stage a package if there are uncommited
     changes in its directory. (also present in v20140630)
   - NO LONGER supports naming multiple repos to stage to (a rarely
     used feature). (new since v20140630)
 * libremessages:
   - term_title()'s usage has changed to make it gettext-aware. (new
     since v20140630)

There are also a bunch of exciting new things and changes that are

New and fun changes:
- since v20140630 (testing):
  * librestage:
    - LEARNED how to stage -debug packages.
    - The repo name is now OPTIONAL, it will guess based on the
      directory name.  This means `librestage` no longer requires any
      arguments!  Ease of use!
  * librefetch: SUPPORT short-flag combining. How users expect it to!
  * The build system creates po/*.pot files, so we can begin
    LOCALIZING libretools to other languages.
- since v20140515 (stable):
  * NEW package: xbs
  * NEW tool: libredbdiff: For comparing Arch DBs to Parabola DBs.
  * NEW tool: librexgettext: Generates .pot files for libremessages-using-programs.


There are, of course, also boring changes:
- since v20140630 (testing):
  * none
- since v20140515 (stable):
  * createworkdir:
    - (internal) Uses xbs.
  * librestage:
    - (internal) Now takes advantage of new-ish functions in
  * librelib:
    - Is now GPLv2+ instead of GPLv3+
  * default libretools.conf:
    - Comment: Document that REPOS is no longer used by createworkdir
    - Default: Use the non-symlink/shorthand path to the git repos in
    - New variable: ABSLIBREDEST: used by xbs-abslibre to stage

There are also many bugfixes:
- since v20140630 (testing):
  * libremessages: flag() wrapped to 81 columns instead of 80
  * libremakepkg: Fix line-wrapping/indent (I thought I had fixed this
    in v20140630, but there was still a bug)
  * So many spelling and grammar fixes in --help text, man pages, and
    user-facing messages.  It's embarrassing how many fixes.  I'm
- since v20140515 (stable):
  * createworkdir:
    - No longer requires REPOS to be set in libretools.conf
    - No longer produces color escape sequences in the output if stdout
      is not a terminal.
  * librerelease: Potential lockfile invalidation related to
    filedescriptor numbers was fixed.
  * librestage:
    - Fixed typo in an error message
    - Potential lockfile invalidation related to filedescriptor numbers
      was fixed.
  * librechroot: Correctly escapes temp file names in all cases.
  * fullpkg: Runs correctly.  I take it that since no one reported
    that it didn't run, no one was using it.  It may be removed.
  * gitget: Correctly handles doing a checkout when the ref is a tag.
  * libregit: Runs correctly.  Since it is provided for compatibility
    for some scripts that use it, I'm not too surprised that no one
    reported this; they're mostly server tools.
  * conf.sh: Learned about xbs* slugs.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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