[Dev] Please, unblacklist ufoai and ufoai-data packages: they are free now

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Jul 20 17:37:36 GMT 2014

>> As a sidenote we have replaced all our assets with Debian compatible
>> licenses which will hopefully bring us a lot more players since we
>> now can be part of the big Debian/Ubuntu universe. It only took us a
>> few years to reach this goal. Thanks for everyone to support us.
> So I ask you to unblacklist, please, the packages: ufoai and
> ufoai-data, as they are free now! Yes!

ufoai is ok except for depending on ufoai-data.

I found these issues in ufoai-data:

- the maps are updated during build(), so we don't provide their
  versions used in binaries in the source tarball

- source is in a git repo (tagged), we don't provide it in a tarball

- base/textures/license.txt has nonfree licenses; are there textures
  licensed under them?

Can someone fix them?
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