[Dev] Please, unblacklist ufoai and ufoai-data packages: they are free now

Andrey Korobkov korobkov at fryxell.info
Mon Jul 14 11:08:52 GMT 2014

Hello, all

I'm glad to tell you good news: a good free software game -UFO:AI now became Debian-compliant!
>From http://ufoai.org/wiki/News

> Next licensing step
> Our final goal for the licensing was reached today. We are now fully Debian compliant. This is true for both 2.6-dev and 2.5. You can find the list of licenses here: http://ufoai.org/licenses/
> We can now finally prepare the 2.5 release and we really hope that we are a part of the Debian world from that release on. We would reach a lot more users with that and hopefully would also get some new contributors.
> Stay tuned for the monthly that is hopefully going to be posted soon.
> 2014-06-01 — mattn
> As a sidenote we have replaced all our assets with Debian compatible licenses which will hopefully bring us a lot more players since we now can be part of the big Debian/Ubuntu universe. It only took us a few years to reach this goal. Thanks for everyone to support us. 

So I ask you to unblacklist, please, the packages: ufoai and ufoai-data, as they are free now! Yes!

best regards,
Andrey Korobkov

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