[Dev] [gnu.org #924783] Please add Parabola GNU / Linux-libre to the mirror.

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Wed Jul 2 22:55:33 GMT 2014

aurelien at hackers.camp (Aurélien DESBRIÈRES) writes:

> "Lisa Maginnis via RT" <sysadmin at gnu.org> writes:
>> Hello,
>> I'm downloading the ISOs to add to mirror.fsf.org, I will probably add
>> them on Monday.
>> By the way, is there a normal location for these ISOs? Or should I
>> create one? Let me know!
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> Transmit to dev mailing list
> Thanks Lisa!
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The "normal" location is https://wiki.parabolagnulinux.org/Get

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