[Dev] Suggestion for including [libre-multilib] repo

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Wed Jan 29 01:17:50 GMT 2014

André Silva <emulatorman at riseup.net> writes:
>> examples?  there're some pkgnames that don't include pkgbase as
>> part of the name, see mesa and its libs
> yes i know that case, but those examples are for cases that include
> pkgbase as part of the name only, examples:
> $pkgname-libre
> example:
> $pkgname=gloobus-preview-libre
> $pkgbase-libre-$pkgname
> example:
> $pkgbase=abiword-libre
> $pkgname=(abiword-libre abiword-libre-plugins)

are the plugins being freed too?

> $pkgbase-$pkgname-libre
> example:
> $pkgbase=kdeutils
> $pkgname=(kdeutils-ark-libre kdeutils-filelight kdeutils-kcalc
> kdeutils-kcharselect kdeutils-kdf kdeutils-kfloppy kdeutils-kgpg
> kdeutils-kremotecontrol kdeutils-ktimer kdeutils-kwallet
> kdeutils-print-manager kdeutils-superkaramba kdeutils-sweeper)

in this case i think it's ok to call it kdeutils-ark-libre because
what's being freed is ark, not kdeutils

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