[Dev] libretools 20140106 release announcement

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 6 04:28:47 GMT 2014

I just pushed libretools 20140106.1 to [libre].  It has a couple of
exciting new features.  Be sure to merge your .pacnew files!

How `librefetch` works has changed--it is still compatible with
PKGBUILDs written for the old version, but that behavior is
discouraged.  Now, instead of using a special `libre://` URL, just use
a URL starting with `https://repo.parabolagnulinux.org/other/`!  This
change required changes to librefetch.conf and makepkg.conf--most
users won't have customizations in librefetch.conf, and the
post_install script should take care of your makepkg.conf.

To top that off, `librestage`/`librerelease` now also upload source
files generated by `librefetch`.  To support this, `librerelease` no
longer removed non-package files found in your staging directory. 

Between those two changes, building a package with "custom" source
tarballs doesn't have to be a pain anymore.  Write your mksource() or
SRCBUILD, and run `makepkg -g` just like for any other package; there
are no extra commands to run.

About the librefetch change: Please have the source files follow one
of these formats:
 - `other/$pkgbase/$pkgbase-$pkgver.tar.gz`
 - `other/~yourname/$pkgbase/$pkgbase-$pkgver.tar.gz` (for personal repos)

Other changes from 20131112 to 20140106:
 * librefetch, librestage: see above
 * librechroot:
    * bugfix: when deleting a chroot copy, it said 'temporary copy'
    * bugfix: handles mountpoints in CHROOTDIR correctly
 * libremakepkg:
    * bugfix: can now build bzr packages with `-N` (don't do this)
    * feature: can now build `make --(all)source` files
 * aur, diff-unfree: DIFFTOOL has been replaced with DIFFPROG
 * librerelease
    * no longer cleans non-package files found in the staging
    * the output with `-l` changed a bit
 * checkpkg: miscellaneous changes inherited from Arch's devtools
 * librelib: sets TEXTDOMAIN in a way making it suitable for use by
   other, non-libretools packages.
 * libremessages: added find_cached_package -- though the man page
   doesn't reflect this.
 * Added INSTALL and HACKING.md files
 * The chroot unit tests now run faster if TMPDIR is on btrfs
Changes to the default configuration:
 * Default configuration:
    * Above DIFFTOOL/DIFFPROG change
    * The value of REPODEST has changed to cause less clutter in ~repo
    * librefetch configuration has changed, see above

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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