[Dev] Re-introducing www.parabolaweb.eu mirror

Johannes Krampf johannes.krampf at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 13 16:34:21 GMT 2014

Hello everyone,

after some hardware related downtime, I can now again provide a mirror
for Parabola GNU/Linux-libre.

The mirror is in Amsterdam / Netherlands on a VPS by Trans-IP, is
connected at 100Mbit and runs on OpenBSD.

It is accessible via HTTPS only (SNI required) and supports both IPv4
and IPv6. The server is updated twice per day, around 6am/pm CET.

If you want to use it, add the following lines to your
/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist (Feel free to also update the official

# Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
# Responsible: Johannes Krampf <johannes.krampf at gmail.com>
# HTTPS cert SHA1 5B:42:29:0F:05:50:02:E8:1E:5E:7B:59:DC:86:06:7A:B9:C2:2E:54

Server = https://www.parabolaweb.eu/pub/parabola/$repo/os/$arch

I'm making use of a script [1] which parses database files and
downloads and verifies the hashes of all referenced packages. This
helps to verify the integrity of the package databases and packages. I
uncovered some problems on repo this way (and had them fixed), but I
also found bugs in my code. Please don't hesitate to contact me should
you notice anything wrong about the mirror.

- Johannes

[1] I want to rewrite the Python script in Go or Haskell once I find
the time since I have little (Haskell) or no (Go) experience with
these languages and I kind of miss a compiler with some static
verification. I will publish any code soon™ or when asked for it.

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