[Dev] [GNU-linux-libre] LibertyBSD - OpenBSD minus the blobs

Riley Baird orthogonal at librewrt.org
Mon Dec 29 21:04:39 GMT 2014

On 30/12/14 07:29, Michał Masłowski wrote:
>>> I wonder if there is an advantage to work with the people of
>>> NuBSD [0] instead of starting another free BSD?
>> I hadn't heard of them. It seems that they're system is based on 
>> FreeBSD, though. In any case, since I've already finished making 
>> LibertyBSD, I don't see any point in not releasing it.
> All NuBSD work that I know about is the wiki and an incomplete 
> deblobbing script.  (All that I currently do for NuBSD is wiki
> hosting.)
> In my experience, every person interested in FSDG-freeing a BSD
> distro prefers a different BSD distro, so due to limited time of a
> single contributor no such project has enough work done to be
> posted on this list.  Yours might change this.

That's exactly what I hope. But I need the help of the free software
community for this to become a reality. You can:

1. Make a donation to 1BFQEqzhxTbvfjZ3f9eoTbeEBgJdkVcj4m
2. Buy a pre-release copy. I've already had one order, so contact me
for more details.
3. Help my submission to Slashdot be accepted:

>> I already strongly recommend against using the ports tree.
>> However, the BSDs being what they are, a ports tree fetched two
>> weeks from now may not work on a release downloaded today.
> It's the same if you mix repos for different versions of a
> GNU/Linux distro.

>From OpenBSD's FAQ, it seems to be a lot worse:

>> For this reason, I would like to provide the tarball of a working
>> ports tree, such that people can work on deblobbing it if they
>> wish to do so. Otherwise, there is no hope of ever having a free
>> ports tree.
> Deblobbing can be done incrementally, with scripts that adapt a
> current revision of the upstream ports tree into one compliant with
> the FSDG. This might be similar to how Parabola or Trisquel removes
> some packages and modifies the rest (with nice scripts editing
> source packages in Trisquel).

That's a good idea. But let's see if we can at least get the base
released first. :)

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