[Dev] *URGENT* Proposal to organise Parabola

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Mon Dec 22 15:48:29 GMT 2014

Daniel Petre <daniel.petre at rcs-rds.ro> writes:

> On 22/12/14 17:17, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES wrote:
>> That will also kill friendship because it is well known that where there
>> is money there is no true friendship.
> Are you sure? Usually when people state that i can't stop thinking
> they're went to the wrong employers..
>> That is clear, there is no interpretation or anymore other question.
> Plenty of money around me (work place) and still we keep working like
> friends (my office).
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Yes I am deeply sure by experience, there is no true friendship when
there is money between people.

And worst you kill true friendship by introducing money :'(

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