[Dev] [ARM] Parabola ARM Port

Mono lists+dev-parabolagnulinux at donderklumpen.de
Fri Dec 19 19:32:47 GMT 2014

Hallo Kuba

> I have been installing your packages, but the linux-libre-headers
> required cloog which is not a package in any repo AFAIK*.

It seems they removed the cloog package from Arch Linux and I did not notice this before your email. Also I just found this link [1]. it says they would remove it. As of yesterday I pushed some updated PKGBUILDs to my git repo [0]. The cloog dependency should no longer exist. Would you mind pulling the updates and start the packages build process again? I would be very interessted knowing if they successfully build on someones machine other than mine.

[0] git://git.donderkumpen.de/parabola_arm
[1] https://www.archlinux.org/todo/remove-cloogisl-dependency-in-gcc-packages/

thanks and best regards

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