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Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Dec 17 22:52:48 GMT 2014

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES <aurelien at hackers.camp> writes:

> As I say approximatively like that in the channel and some should
> certainly have a log somewhere ... I understand the importance and
> interest that money could represent, from investement on project to
> travel (some see interest on meeting (which is, I agree with that an
> important point but maybe not the most important things to invest
> first)) and that the most important from my point of view is that
> "bounty" will change the distro itself and who join.
> So it is why this change should be vote before going further in the
> discussions.

i'm definitely opposed to paying bounties, but if some people could make
a living on working in parabola instead of working on something else
less fun, free and fulfilling i'd be more than happy and proud of this
project :)

so far it's been propposed that we'd need to be a non-profit or become
part of one (the ceata foundation, software freedom conservancy), is
everyone ok with that? since they're country based (romania, usa), how'd
it work for people not living there?

> Since I think you are not this sort of guy, and my english is known to
> be very bad from speach to translation, I suppose that in your country
> that is just like asking what do you want to drink.
> But please, I really like to know a bit more about that sentence.)

you're both french speakers i think! please stop before this discussion
scalates :)

> I am also a lumberjack, I love Nature, freedom and peace.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lumberjack_Song :D

> <#secure method=pgpmime mode=sign>

this is clearly not working :P

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