[Dev] [ARM] Parabola ARM Port

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Sun Dec 14 11:57:53 GMT 2014

Kuba Kukielka <kzer-za at cryptolab.net> writes:

> So should we start? I think we need to get more people to help us.
> I will attempt to cross-compile on my machine using distcc.

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At this time, I do not know:

. How to set up the servers to make the ports available
from Archlinux ARM + a pcr to have some more packages available + a ROS
repo to push all ROS stuff

. If the servers can support that data it represent

. How to build the iso

At the time someone can do that if we are just 2 to compile the stuff
that could be a good point to start the job.

Then ASAP we will have start that and ASAP we will have a working ISO
other hackers should join.

As I told you, if we realize that, that will be the first fully free
solution in robotics and more like all the internet of things, which
represent a big interest in many ways. 

fauno, mtjm, others (who are interested by an ARM port for Parabola),
does that represent a lot to setup the things and do you think the
servers could support the charge?

Aurelien Desbrieres

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