[Dev] *URGENT* Proposal to organise Parabola

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Dec 14 09:25:59 GMT 2014

> that aren't included by any web browser (We have an interest of
> Windows and MacOS users visiting the project's
> website without getting scared by a Cert warning, right?)

Trisquel users too.

> 4) Arch linux provides a way to increase the priority for bug fixes
> through bounties placed by the users[2], doing the same in
> Parabola is not wrong but, since the Arch guys will solve the issue
> for us, seems to be pointless.

We solve different issues.

> 5) The non-profit stuff should be manage by any institution like the
> Software Freedom Conservancy or alike,
> that's for sure.

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