[Dev] Parabola on the Raspberry Pi

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Dec 13 10:15:53 GMT 2014

> What packages would we need to compile to have the basic system
> (possibly a GUI too)?

We should aim for compiling all packages, maybe except for most from
community.  First just core and libre replacements, then packages needed
for X and a desktop environment.

> The Arch Linux ARM website has a cross compiling section (distcc):
> http://archlinuxarm.org/developers/distcc-cross-compiling
> And a Distributed Compiling section:
> http://archlinuxarm.org/developers/distcc-cross-compiling

I.e. native build with cross distcc slaves.  Fauno did this for
mips64el.  I'm not optimistic about its performance when the native host
is slow.  There is also much more possibility for bugs caused by
differing compilers.

> I think we should use ARMv7 only since that is the most recent version
> and most devices use it. Unless linux-libre makes the Pi work somehow
> there is no point in ARMv6. Raspberry Pi will probably get a newer
> ARMv7 device one day.

Ok, like Debian's armhf.

> Would it be difficult to make these packages? Could you just copy the
> package and modify it? (But I have not checked any packages because I
> cannot access it - maybe LibreJS?)

We need to somehow maintain the PKGBUILDs, on mips64el we had a repo
which merged what x86_64 abs had with local changes.  Here we want
packages from Arch, Parabola's abslibre and archlinuxarm.org
(https://github.com/archlinuxarm/PKGBUILDs).  It should be easy to
maintain a git repo with separate branches for these upstreams and
manually merge them.

Do you know any fast multicore boards with much RAM and a SATA port that
would work for native builds?  I think i.MX6 Quad and Tegra K1 are the
fastest SoCs that work without known to me bootloader blobs (Samsung
Exynos is not ok).  Can you find any benchmarks relevant for compilation
speed?  (CPUs, disk I/O, not GPU or SIMD/floating point performance.)
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