[Dev] Parabola on the Raspberry Pi

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Dec 12 21:59:44 GMT 2014

> I don't know what to add to the repo if we make it. I am not
> experienced at packaging, making programs compatible with hardware etc.

We need some research before packaging anything:

- how archlinuxarm.org works (e.g. crossbuilding) and what we should use
  from them?

- what devices we want to support: popular here, sufficiently free and
  also something fast for building packages (some certainly don't
  support cross-compiling and native builds are a good way of finding
  bugs); will we compile packages for ARMv7 only?

- what kernels will we use?  can we avoid deblobbing and releasing a
  different kernel tree for each board?

- u-boot trees; there are existing deblobbing projects for specific

- what's missing in the development tools that we used for mips64el?

Unless we choose wrong hardware, there should be nearly no issue with
"making programs compatible with hardware" except for choosing kernel
branches and options (which should be well-documented and already done
by other distros).

When we know what to package and decide to build all software from
source (imo we should), then making another repo for it will be easy.
(Later build fixing won't be always easy, but you aren't the only one
not knowing yet what to do there.)

> I don't know much programming at all. I know some Python, but I am
> still learning :P

You need curiosity, willingness and time to learn.  You don't need much
serious programming knowledge for this, while it helps.  We use shell
scripts for most work that needs changing.

> I would require a tutorial and something to practice with. It at would
> be good to contribute to Parabola, but I don't know how to.

I don't know any current packaging issues for x86.
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