[Dev] Parabola on the Raspberry Pi

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Dec 12 18:36:47 GMT 2014

> I am wanting to get a raspberry pi, but the only thing is that I would
> like a fully-free OS on it.

Please don't.  There are different boards that work without nonfree
software (unless you want graphics acceleration which is being reverse
engineered for some chips).  BeagleBone Black and Cubieboard are other
cheap single board computers which, unlike RPi, boot with a free
bootloader and can be used with no nonfree software on their writable
storage.  (Other AllWinner A10/A13/A20 or iMX6 boards might be ok too.)

> I was thinking that Parabola could have
> support since Arch has an ARM version of the pi.

We need developers and a build server.  (I would do it if I had enough
hope in the project succeeding to spend my weekends on it.)

> Would it be possible to use the Parabola packages on the pi? And would
> it be possible to make linux-libre work on it too?

You want also a deblobbed u-boot.  I know how to make the needed changes
in Linux-libre scripts to support an appropriate board.
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