[Dev] *URGENT* Proposal to organise Parabola

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Thu Dec 11 17:20:44 GMT 2014

There is something we can do about Parabola stuff we could "sell"

The best should to sell them from http://shop.fsf.org/category/gnu-gear/

On a side we let FSF do the job of selling but by the way they keep the
money to the FSF.

Now I don't know if it is possible, I don't know if we can choose what
we want to be sold but by that way the money goes directly to FSF and
the Parabola Project stay fully independent.

If the FSF is ok, /me request for a T-shirt and a mug :-p

For the rest, if a "Parabola Project" need money to its dev, the best
stay that we publish a request on front page and share the news about
that needs.

Then the FSF, internally, and/or externally we could get the solution

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