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Sun Dec 7 18:04:38 GMT 2014

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On 12/07/2014 02:35 PM, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES wrote:
> Pour autant c'est parceque l'on cherche toujours à faire taire les plus
> belles utopie plutôt que de se battre pour elles et trouver des
> solutions à celle-ci, que les utopies n'avance pas alors quelle le
> pourraient.
> Alors lève toi et bat toi.
*** Translation:

Meanwhile, because the most beautiful utopias are forced into silence
instead of called for being fought for, and thus find solutions for
them, they don't work as they should.

So, stand up and fight.


Again, I appreciate the position.  But you fail to respond to the
question of money: do you live without money?

Do you realize that because every participant has to find money outside
the project, the project itself depends on, at best and as fauno
suggested, project-based services, and at worst, a day job, that the
utopia is not working as it should?

Meanwhile, non-free, corporate-based projects built on surveillance
megabucks such as Internet.org, are progressing way faster, and leaving
entire populations prisoners of proprietary and trade economy
ideologies, while they could be working on solidarity-based solutions.

I'd like to understand what you're calling for exactly, if that is
simply to survive with what you have, or is it to make an utopia turn
real.  In that case, instead of discourse, I'd like to read about how
you propose to address the issue that is coming up, that people need to
put food on their table, and they're having difficulties dealing with it
from their current standpoint.

According to the principle you're flying the flag of, impure money won't
be touching the project.  Therefore, you're stifling solidarity by
refusing a mean to sustain contributors.  If that is not the case, then
please, explain how you envision working around the difficulty met by
the people who proposed opening the project to receiving donations so
that they can keep afloat while maintaining their current dedication,
instead of being forced to drive their attention away from it.

I'm all ears as to how to set up money-less solutions that empower
people to contribute and reinforce not only the technology, but the
community as well.  Otherwise I have to say BTDT: while some people
dedicate their life to the project, others are simply contributing in
their "free time", and the one-way route of the former ends to an impasse.

Once again, the issue at stake is not money or not money--first prove me
that you don't use it, and I can believe you--but what is meant by
community, and solidarity, and how does that come into play at the level
of a software project.  Is it considered a common pool resource where
every contributor benefits from it to "fend for themselves", or is their
something more than libertarian capitalist trade economy behind this?


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