[Dev] *URGENT* Proposal to organise Parabola

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at hackers.camp
Sun Dec 7 17:26:46 GMT 2014

hellekin <hellekin at gnu.org> writes:

> On 12/07/2014 01:15 PM, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES wrote:
>> There is lot of arguments to pray for the money temple.
>> If people used all their energy to realize most beautifull utopia rather
>> than worst distopia, the world should be clean and people able to travel
>> from different bubble of Universes.
> *** Avec des si on mettrait Bordeaux en bouteilles :P
> Well, I and others have been spending all our energy to realize
> beautiful utopias, until we reached a point where we needed to buy
> shoes, or be attended at a hospital.  Approval economy works for a
> while, then it doesn't anymore.  I really wish it would work, and I'm
> doing whatever I can for it to work in general, but the painful truth is
> that people are stuck in the murky trade economy, and that's not utopia,
> but day-to-day struggle with the unfortunate reality.
> You could say: right, then just stop contributing to the project and do
> something else, and someone else will take your place.  But this is not
> that simple.  When you're on a job that allows you to work for free,
> you're not really working for free: you're getting paid to contribute.
> If you don't have a job, then you have to generate income somehow.
> That's a job.  I really appreciate your attachment to keeping money out
> of the picture, but I'd like you to share the part of the picture where
> you do not use money.
> Regarding being sponsored by the GNU project or the FSF, guess what,
> that's receiving donations because right now, the FSF is running a
> fundraising campaign with a goal of USD 525,000.  If that is not money,
> please tell me what I missed.  Your position seems more and more
> contradictory.
> ==
> hk
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No my position stay the same from the first day : no money in that

That was five years before.


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