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On 12/06/2014 02:39 AM, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES wrote:
> This is exactly what the 1% want us to think, and this is exactly what
> make them run.
*** May I suggest you read Heather Marsh's latest article on "How we
came to be ruled by Death Eaters"?  It's part of a series that blasts
mirrors of illusions about our society is run and built.  That one is
particularly interesting regarding the trade economy.


> By refusing money we refuse that system, we get out of the 99% and the
> 1%
*** I know one person who lives by refusing the system entirely: not
using money, and not using government-sanctioned documents.  He lives
well, but I didn't hear him mention traveling outside Europe.  He may
not use money, but I've seen him mention Bitcoins, and using a laptop
and a smartphone.  As far as I know someone, at some point, had to
exchange these items with money in order to have them end up in his hands.

Money is not the issue.  As Heather puts it:

"Trade economy replaced societal approval with approval based on each
person’s ability to be of service to the powerful. The trade economy
eventually interrupted almost all social relationships and replaced them
with industry. Social approval was replaced with currency to the point
that a person’s worth is now commonly given as a currency value.
Currency is a powerful seductive tool because it allows acceptance into
the most privileged spots of all societies with no effort required to
gain social approval or accept the norms and values of the society."

I mostly lived the last 5 years without income, without paying rent,
without buy much more than the necessary for survival.  I was very happy
last year to be able to upgrade from a Thinkpad X31 from 2000 to a newer
machine.  I paid this machine with money.  Without the money, I couldn't
have virtualization capability on my laptop, and that would certainly
impede my freedom to learn and improve my skills, and contribute to the
community I'm a part of.

Aurélien, I would be very surprised if you connected to the Internet
without money, and absolutely flaberghasted if your ISP would connect to
the Internet without money as well.  Honestly, you should consider
getting your feet back on the ground and do like Stallman did when there
was only corporate non-free software: he used what was available to
steer towards software freedom, and did not start by trying to obtain
binary results from paper and ink.

> We Prove them that another running solution is possible at top
> technological level.
*** Please inspire us.  Do you have land to cultivate?  Maybe people can
join you there.

> Money is not so old in the history of humanity and if the things don't
> goes right before, the first day we have build temple of money, world
> goes more and more in disorder.
*** I urge you to read the article mentioned above, that I translated
yesterday at
.  You will find similarities with your point of view.  But solidarity
is more important than rejecting money outright IMO.  If you can find a
way to do all without money, good, but Internet (still) requires money
to work.

Tabula Rasa is not an anarchist concept, it was a reaction to Feudalism.
 The anarchist does not come from Heaven, pure and holy, but raises from
the mud, with what's at hand and the resolve to realize freedom for all.
 There's no comparison between using a lever to unstuck wheel from the
mud, and using the same wheel to crush people.  Doing the former does
not necessarily mean you will do the latter.

> Do what need to be done because you care about.
*** Hopefully that is not incompatible with accepting donations.

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