[Dev] [RFC] Voting about package naming for packages modified from Arch

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Sun Aug 31 17:47:22 GMT 2014

I am joining late as my mail was down this weekend. Coming to the voting as I already mentioned on #parabola that I don't support suffixes (-libre, -parabola) as I was discussing 2-3 days back because I don't find it much KISS. Parabola is not an Arch GNU+Linux spin but an independent project not associated in any way with the Arch GNU+Linux Project. Making distinctions based on "maintained by arch or maintained by us" is not required as the user already knows they are using Parabola and clearly don't need such confusion. We can keep the "linux-libre" naming for the Kernel irrespective of how Trisquel does it because projects like Trisquel or Debian don't use linux-libre but directly deblob the kernel using the script, whereas we are using the linux-libre kernel. Additionally I propose that the name "libre" for the repository can be changed to "parabola" as Parabola is a 100% libre distribution and every repository is 100% LIBRE. Having a repository with the name "libre" brings up the confusion that we may also have "non-libre" repositories.   

Lastly I would like to add that drifting away from an upstream base (not talking about philosophical angles here) or over engineering a distribution can be avoided as the same effort can be spent in figuring out how to sustain a project in the long term and with a proper organisational structure. As a project Parabola started off that gave the user the Arch GNU+Linux experience and additionally with ultimate freedom. Instead of drifting away too much and spending time on technical changes we can pursue improving our documentation so that we don't have to rely on archwiki, working on the mipsel port, monthly ISO releases and accepting donations which can be spent on infrastructure to prevent server outage.                  

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