[Dev] [RFC] Voting about package naming for packages modified from Arch

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Aug 29 18:20:35 GMT 2014

>   5) a. Patch makepkg to make pkgrel more flexible (it is already more
>         flexible in pacman/alpm).
>      d. When repackaging a package (without modifying the packaged
>         software), set its pkgrel="${archrel}.parabola${parabolarel}"
>         (which is enabled by the makepkg patch mentioned above).

Ok, can be done independently of the renaming.

>      b. When forking a package for freedom reasons, name the fork with
>         the '-libre' suffix (example: Linux-libre is a fork of Linux
>         (though it is not maintained by us)).
>      c. When forking a package for technical reasons, name the fork
>         with the '-parabola' suffix (example: patching makepkg as
>         mentioned above would be pacman-parabola).

Not ok, as explained earlier.  Doing (d) informs users that we change
the package without adding any compatibility or upgrade issues of
renaming and is simpler.  Debian-based distros change their equivalent
of pkgrel.

Or is there any case of "forking" that results in incompatible packages
that should not have replaces= or provides= arrays listing the original

>      e. Whe packaging a kernel module package (or other package
>         specific to a kernel version), name it
>         "${_pkgbase}${_kernelname}" and give it
>         pkgrel=${archrel}.parabola${parabolarel}.${_basekernel}"
>      f. The kernelname/version stuff we already just switched to.

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