[Dev] [RFC] Package naming for packages modified from Arch

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 19 02:43:04 GMT 2014

My opinion on what we should do:


  - Have $pkgver include linux-libre's stock EXTRAVERSION.  Something
  - Append $pkgrel to the stock EXTRAVERSION, instead of replacing it.
  - Set `_kernelname=${pkgbase#linux-libre}`, instead of `${pkgbase#linux}`.
  - Set `LOCALVERSION=${_kernelname:--PARABOLA}`; this is a case we
    never hit before, because _kernelname was never empty
  That is, have LOCALVERSION *not* include '-libre', but include '-gnu'
  in the version.

Things built against the kernel (but otherwise unmodified):

  - pkgname=${_pkgname}${KERNEL_NAME}

  This is the current policy, but remember that I proposed dropping
  '-libre' from the kernel-name.  This means that packages built
  against the stock kernel would have the same pkgname as in Arch.

Source-patched software: (for complex patches)

  - Add the '-libre' suffix to the $pkgname.

Repackaged software (non-patched):

  - Make no change to the $pkgname.


Note that there are several situations where I would have the pkgname
be the same as a pkgname in Arch, and that some of you don't like
this; if everyone else thinks sharing a pkgname is bad; then I would
support appending '-parabola' in these cases.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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