[Dev] Vim plugin packages inspection

Daniel Milewski niitotantei at riseup.net
Tue Aug 5 18:33:25 GMT 2014

I did an inspection and I found several problems with Vim plugin
packages included in Parabola repositories. Some of the problems are
less of an issue (like wrong license specification or wrong license file
included), however there are few packages which are non-free (they don't
carry an explicit free license).

I've made a summary listing the issues. Also, for the packages with
wrong license specification I pointed out the correct one.

* vim-bufexplorer[1][2][a]
* vim-jedi[1][b]
* vim-netrw[2]
* vim-syntastic[1][c]
* vim-ultisnips[1][d]
* vimpager[1][2][a]

* vim-ctrlp[1][3]
* vim-doxygentoolkit[1][3]
* vim-guicolorscheme[1][3]
* vim-jad[2][3]
* vim-omnicppcomplete[3]
* vim-pastie[1][3]
* vim-systemd[1][3]
* vim-workspace[3]

* vim-project[4]

[1] Wrong license specified in a `PKGBUILD` file
[2] Wrong license file included in a repository
[3] Unknown license terms
[4] Unknown license terms for accompanying documentation

[a] Modified BSD license
[b] Expat license
[c] WTFPL, Version 2
[d] GNU GPLv3

Daniel Milewski
GPG key ID: 8D43A4A1
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