[Dev] parabola-2014.04.13-dual.iso BAKED and still hot!

Sören Tempel mail at soeren-tempel.net
Mon Apr 14 08:55:31 GMT 2014

On 13.04.14, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
> Sören Tempel <mail at soeren-tempel.net> writes:
> > I think it is great that somebody made a new release. However, I think
> > we should setup a monthly cron job which automatically does that for us.
> > So each month an ISO would be released with the latest packages. Arch
> > does that too, so why don't we do it as well?
> >
> > Any thoughts on this?
> +1
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Well...you have root access on the parabola servers, don't you? So why
don't you go ahead install parabolaiso and setup a cron job? ;-)

Sören Tempel

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