[Dev] parabola-2014.04.13-dual.iso BAKED and still hot!

Gravi gravi at gravitronics.sytes.net
Sun Apr 13 18:23:12 GMT 2014

Hi guys!

Too much time has passed from the last distro release (September 2013)
so I've taken the freedom to make a new release using the parabolaiso.git repository.

I'm waiting for anybody to upload the CD image to our official servers and make the
proper changes in the download section. Contact with me on the IRC or at this address.

As for the distro, follows the same guidelines, bootscreen and there no surprises at all.
It's working in both BIOS and UEFI systems.
Packages are updated as of today.

Gravi <gravi at gravitronics.sytes.net>

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