[Dev] libretools 20130930

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 30 16:51:54 GMT 2013

I just released libretools 20130930.

TL;DR: merge your libretools.conf for per-user staging directories on
       the server.

This is a primarily bug-fix release; but there are a couple of
"user-facing" changes in there.

Changes from 20130914 to 20130930:

Changes you probably care about:
 - librerelease: now uses per-user staging directories on the server,
   so you won't release eachother's partially uploaded packages.  You
   must merge a change to libretools.conf to take advantage of this
   (the directory it uses is part of REPODEST).
 - librerelease: prints HOOK{PRE,POST}RELEASE before running it, so
   you know what is going on.

User-facing changes you probably don't care about:
 - The machine name in a chroot is now an approximation of the entire
   directory path, instead of just the last component. (to reflect
   an update to devtools)
 - librefetch: PURGE_TARGETS and options are now set differently when
   auto-generating an SRCBUILD.  It now uses `=` instead of `+=`.
 - librefetch: no longer has the [-V|--version] flag

Internal changes:
 - createworkdir was simplified
 - Use `#!/usr/bin/env bash` instead of `#!/bin/bash`.
 - Use `set -euE` or similar instead of setting the flags in the
 - update the devtools version
 - internationalization improvements
 - unit tests more intelligently check for empty files

 - librerelease no longer locks the entire staging directory for the
   duration of the upload.
 - fix typo in `librechroot help` text.

The following programs have been internationalized:
 - createworkdir
 - diff-unfree
 - libreaddiff
 - librerelease
 - librestage
 - librefetch
 - fullpkg{,-build,find}

Other notes:

fullpkg-find's copy_files() function was taken from devtools'
makechrootpkg, but without any attribution or copyright notices.  A
while ago, I added the comment:

    # This function is stolen from makechrootpkg.
    # That probably has some copyright/licensing implications.

Unfortunately, because makechrootpkg does not have a license header,
it's not easy to figure out who the copyright holders are.  I did an
audit of the devtools commit log to figure out who the copyright
holders are, and added that information to the fullpkg-find copyright

This also limits fullpkg-find to GPLv2, instead of GPLv3+, which is
what most of libretools uses (the programs that come from
devtools-par.git instead of libretools.git are of course also GPLv2).

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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