[Dev] libretools 20130914 release anouncement

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 15 20:56:08 GMT 2013

At Sat, 14 Sep 2013 20:39:00 -0400,
Luke T. Shumaker wrote:
> From 20130812 to 20130914:
> ==========================
> libremakepkg:
>   Looking at the diff isn't even helpful; there were major changes.
>   Honestly, the changes to libremakepkg probably could have been a
>   lot smaller, but... I wanted to do it right/be clean.  makechrootpkg
>   in devtools got cleaned up a lot, actually a lot of the same changes
>   I was making.  But, the small differences between the way we did
>   things made it less than simple to adjust.  The biggest changes in
>   terms of conflict for me are how devtools now uses bind-mounts to
>   put files in the chroot, and that the /chrootbuild file is more
>   complicated.
>   I handled a lot of the complexity by moving things out of the main
>   program, and adding hooks for non-core functionality, including
>   chcleanup, distcc compatibility hacks, and PKGBUILD/pkg
>   checking. Unfortunately, the files containing the hooks are
>   currently hard-coded.  Perhaps they will be truly plug-able in the
>   future.  That might be neat.  Or over-complicated.  We'll see where
>   it goes.
>   I then changed the output format to be more clear about the
>   hierarchy; the output of the commands it calls was at the same level
>   as its own output.  Now, the output of sub-commands is prefixed with
>   " |  ", which hugely increases the ability to tell what is going on,
>   but means that some of it doesn't have color.

I forgot to mention, it quite likely broke building packages from
inside of the chroot.  There's no reason this needs to have been in
the case, I wrote the code so that it *should* still work, but this
feature has not been tested with the new version, so there's a good
chance it doesn't work.

This feature isn't commonly used (fauno is the only person I know of
who uses it), and there are other features and fixes that I think are
more important.  Enough code changes have been in this release that at
some point I had to say "it's good enough, ship it."  If I waited
until it was 100% ready, it would never come out.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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