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Sun Sep 15 00:53:38 GMT 2013

Issue #410 has been reported by lukeshu.

Bug #410: [librerelease] blocks [librestage]

Author: lukeshu
Status: open
Priority: feature
Target version: 

My solution to Bug #379 was for librerelease to grab an exclusive lock on the staging directory, while having librestage require a shared lock.


> I don't understand how locking would help: wouldn't it delay the second librestage until librerelease finishes, keeping the CPU idle instead of building packages for several hours in some cases?
> The old solution was to make a list of staged files in librerelease once and then release them. It's safe to continue staging files until the next librerelease run releases them.


> That is the case: it will block librestage.
> Because sets of files can't be added to the staging directory atomically, there are a couple of race conditions so that I don't want to have the list of staged files.
> Perhaps if librerelease first moved files to a temporary upload directory, and only held the lock while it was moving the files?
> Although, this could also be fixed in the programs you use to build packages. Staging doesn't need to block building. treepkg/fullpkg could run the staging commands in the background.  Also, they could be learn how to do parallel builds by spawning new chroot copies.

> I'm closing this, and creating a "librerelease block librestage" bug.

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