[Dev] Request to become a channel operator

Sorin-Mihai Vârgolici smv at ceata.org
Fri Sep 13 23:51:30 GMT 2013


It's been some time since I contributed with something, but some of you
maybe still remmember me. Long ago I built some packages (including the
kernel) and the ISOs for a while, and even helped on IRC from time to

I would like to become an full operator on the #parabola channel.
Technically it's as easy as "/msg ChanServ FLAGS #parabola smv
+ARfiorstv" from someone who allready has access.

My motivation is, on one hand, the fact that I've been a Parabola user
for quite some time and I should give back some of my time, at least,
while on the other hand are the current events which maybe could have
been avoided if more than one human was behind that decision, which I've
quietly supported, because it was fair and sane.

Yeah, fauno might make that kind of fast decisions, but usually he
manages to make good ones and this time he made a good one too.

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