[Dev] [pbot-ng - Bug #408] He `listens' to music streams

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Fri Sep 13 22:48:10 GMT 2013

Issue #408 has been updated by xylon.

some comments were made on IRC:

<smv> can't just ignore some kind of links?
<jxself> Nah, music is pbot's favorite.
<jxself> Not a bad idea though. Maybe check the Content-Type type first or something?
<jxself> So as not try to spit out an HTML title tag from an Ogg? :)
Bug #408: He `listens' to music streams

Author: xylon
Status: open
Priority: bug
Target version: 

If someone posts a link to a music stream in the channel he listens to it and becomes non-responsive.

For example:

http://fm.hackcoop.com.ar/ponape.ogg <= argentinian rock from the 70's

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