[Dev] people banned from irc for harrassment

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 6 19:08:06 GMT 2013

At Fri, 06 Sep 2013 14:40:50 -0400,
Luke T. Shumaker wrote:
> I'll do my best to either draft a policy, or get fauno or mtjm to do
> so, within the next week.

The following related conversation just happened on IRC.
I've corrected my embarrassing mistakes.

~ Luke

<fauno> lukeshu: we shouldn't have to have a policy for asshole behavior
<fauno> for instance
<pbot> Page title: `Shit Noisebridge Says, "NO SHITTING ON FLOOR" signs to
       solve problems'
<lukeshu> fauno: first draft:
<lukeshu> 1. Don't be an asshole
<lukeshu> 2. The first time you are an asshole, we will give you a warning.
<lukeshu> 3. After that, we will ban you. You may appeal this ban by XXX
<fauno> noisebrige approach is "be excellent to each other"
<fauno> lukeshu: my point is that you can't be surprised asshole behavior is
<lukeshu> that's a fair point.
<Emulatorman> lukeshu +1
<fauno> everyone feels they're right though
<lukeshu> I think more important than the "this is unacceptable" part is the
          "this is what to expect when you behave unacceptably".

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