[Dev] people banned from irc for harrassment

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Thu Sep 5 18:06:45 GMT 2013

I have decided to split this into two different mails. My previous mail dealt with clarification of my own actions. This one will deal with the ban on Gravi and GuestOne. 

(Kindly Note, these are my own personal views for my friends from the community).

According to me, "indefinitely" banning someone on the first offense without any friendly public discussion / warning is inappropriate and undemocratic to me. This is what a police-state does. 

Everyone deserves a fair treatment of his/her action. Just banning someone indefinitely gives them no respect or sense of guilt in anyway, but rather fuels up the inner hurt in most cases.

Hence I request everyone connected to this issue to kindly consider the above paragraph not only for Gravi or GuestOne but in the future course of action to deal with these matters. I strongly protest against the fairness of this punishment and immediate unban of both Gravi and GuestOne as being equal part of the community.

Lastly, we have discussed on this on #nonprism and have decided mutually to modify our code-of-conduct in #parabola in the future. 


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