[Dev] people banned from irc for harrassment

Luke T. Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 5 14:52:11 GMT 2013

Before my direct reply, let me add a point I forgot to make

Not only are sexist and hateful remarks not in line with the community
we wish to foster around Parabola, but that behavior is also likely
against the policy of freenode itself.[1]

[1] http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#offtopic

At Thu, 5 Sep 2013 12:44:43 +0200,
Gravi wrote:
> Dear inspector, judge and master of arts Lukeshu,
> As well as Parabola's community, (who shouldn't be invited to a
> personal and ridiculous struggle like this);
> I know this case is geeting a great expectation and furore, which
> is, by the way, a thing we three (the affected ones) are pleased to
> see.

First you complain about lack of community involvement.

Now you complain about dragging the community into a personal issue, I
think.  It sounds that way in the greeting and first paragraph, but
not the second.

But seriously, drop the pompous tone.  Besides being annoying, it is
hard to read.  This isn't fun for any of us, don't make it worse.

> That denotes however, the level of affectation, boredom and talent
> for argument augmentation. But nothing's it in comparison with the
> lack of scruples that makes somebody paste the chat log to the
> admins to dry his tears.

Taylan did not post the chat log to "dry his tears".  He did it
because he saw that your actions were reflecting negatively on the
community.  As he demondstrated, he was capable of handling the
insults to himself. (I spent enough time quoting the logs
yesterday, please don't contest this and make me find more quotes)
That doesn't mean that he had to condone your behavior.  He did the
right thing by speaking out against something he didn't agree with.

I've noticed the sexism before, but mostly ignored it or left the
channel.  For this reason, until recently, I couldn't have even told
you who was doing it.  I've ignored it for two reasons:

You are an adult, as are most people here.  And even if someone's not,
I try to treat them like one.  You don't need me telling you how to
talk.  And that's not how I want to spend my time.

That's not how I want to spend my time.  I don't want to have this
conversation (and fauno doesn't either).  This isn't fun for us. This
isn't why we come here.

But sexism isn't part of the community that we want to run/be part

> There's also a derivated behaviour, which is neither better nor
> equal, for sure, that is to take advantage of the situation to
> examine and scrutinize external words and supply them with a
> particular meaning in a cold and privileged reflection. Not a
> collection of "exhibits" but a total exhibition of collections of
> nonsense excerpts.


I did my best to provide context for each of the excerpts, I had clear
notation for any ommissions or edits.  Not all of their purpose was to
vilify you, but to establish the facts for further discussion; that
may have been a source of confusion for you.

I had no objective, no desire to supply a particular meaning.  I'm
doing this because both you and fauno want peer-review of fauno's
actions, so I'm giving it.

> As far as I'm concerned, enough time had been wasted, no remorse,
> irritation or reprisal attitudes still remains.
> We have the intention to be more dull and tasteless from now on, but
> also notice the sun hits our bodies more often and soften our
> brains, and we're even humans, so take it into account the next time
> we slip using some words.
> I urge fauno to show his face inmediately to solve the problem and
> uban ourselves, cause we feel an undeniable part of the project and
> want to be back.

I don't beleive "tasteless" is the word you ment to use :)

My input is to give you a probationary un-ban.  I will wait for either
the input of fauno, or other community members before implementing
this, though.

> Can wait you a couple of years, as we're waiting for the mail server
> a couple of weeks. (Sorry, I'm sorry.. coudn't resist, it's genetic
> xD)

That was a good one :)

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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