[Dev] people banned from irc for harrassment

Gravi themightygravi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 10:44:43 GMT 2013

Dear inspector, judge and master of arts Lukeshu,
As well as Parabola's community, (who shouldn't be invited to a personal and ridiculous struggle like this);

I know this case is geeting a great expectation and furore, which is, by the way, a thing we three (the affected ones) are pleased to see.

That denotes however, the level of affectation, boredom and talent for argument augmentation. But nothing's it in comparison with the lack of scruples that makes somebody paste the chat log to the admins to dry his tears.

There's also a derivated behaviour, which is neither better nor equal, for sure, that is to take advantage of the situation to examine and scrutinize external words and supply them with a particular meaning in a cold and privileged reflection. Not a collection of "exhibits" but a total exhibition of collections of nonsense excerpts.

As far as I'm concerned, enough time had been wasted, no remorse, irritation or reprisal attitudes still remains. 

We have the intention to be more dull and tasteless from now on, but also notice the sun hits our bodies more often and soften our brains, and we're even humans, so take it into account the next time we slip using some words.

I urge fauno to show his face inmediately to solve the problem and uban ourselves, cause we feel an undeniable part of the project and want to be back.

Can wait you a couple of years, as we're waiting for the mail server a couple of weeks. (Sorry, I'm sorry.. coudn't resist, it's genetic  xD)

(There is no need for further studies, propaganda nor analysis)

Happy Unbaning;
In the name name of the Triad.

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